Communication: Welcome to my world!

Communication: Welcome to my world!

Dear friends,
This is to give you all a great big welcome to my new website, which I hope you will like more than my older one.
One of my primary concerns, as a musician, is to be able to clearly communicate my ideas, my philosophy, my priorities as an artists and my intellectual point of view in a clear, concise way. The way we perform reflects very strongly the way we would like this world to be. When we sit in front of our instrument, all we should be focused on is the transmission of our thoughts, which is obviously not something that should be intended as a weird New Age practise. Not at all. It is indeed a very serious matters that involves a complete and sincere understanding of the message we want to deliver. It is all about architecture: the way we analyse and develop the structural scaffolding of a piece of music is the inevitable starting point for a clear communication. The length of a phrase, the meaning we give to it, the right choice of tone are all aspects that we deeply analyse and reproduce in front of our audience, in an everlasting attempt to pass them our personal lecture of a certain piece to give them the ideal pleasure they are looking for when attending a concert. 

Nevertheless, whatever we do in front of others is a message we broadcast about ourselves. I always thought (and I still do) that good music itself is something with enough communicational power and we should not be worried at all about being showy just for the sake of impressing the crowds. We can definitely leave the glitter to other more superficial matters and forms of expression. However, we live in a world of quick communication and my primary concern, as an artist, is to be seen and perceived properly, with my strengths and weaknesses, with my likes and my dislikes. I hope that through this little virtual space of mine I will be able to connect with all of you, my beloved audience, and to establish and reinforce the strong bond I feel for each and every single person who is willing to share with me the beauty of a live performance, even before it happens.

"Vita brevis, ars longa, occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile" - Hyppocrates

Love you all,